About THINC College & Career Academy

What is THINC, why does it exist, and how is it different from high school?

KMMG Work Based Learning

Founding Donors

Getting Down to Business

Shaping work-savvy students for a demanding workplace, THINC College & Career Academy takes a down-to-business approach to education.

Authentic, Hands-On Curriculum

In an environment rich with hands-on discovery, students find themselves immersed in authentic workplace curriculum. THINC meshes academic and workforce requirements through leading-edge technology, nimble classroom space, virtual learning and project-based assignments.

Several career pathways will be offered including:

  • Health Science
  • Mechatronics / Manufacturing
  • Energy Systems
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
  • Marketing & Communications

A Charter and Expert Based Academy

With a CEO at the helm, THINC College & Career Academy challenges students to understand the economics of career training, while extending learning beyond the traditional classroom. Through the flexibility achieved as a charter school approved by the Georgia Board of Education, THINC ensures that graduates are college and career trained, experienced and work-savvy.

Shaping Work-Savvy Students

Troup County is at the center of a regional economic development boom where hundreds of employers need highly skilled individuals to fill essential positions. THINC College & Career Academy shapes work-savvy students who understand the importance of a firm handshake, critical thinking and an exceptional work ethic.

Unprecedented Community Support

With unbridled enthusiasm, THINC cultivates 360-degree partnerships with hundreds of stakeholders. These stakeholders represent all areas of Troup County and include businesses in every major employment sector. Over 100 volunteers have served on THINC’s steering committee while others have participated in work surveys, subcommittees and focus groups.