A Charter and Expert-Based School

To achieve the flexibility needed for an adaptive classroom experience, THINC College and Career Academy is chartered through the State of Georgia and is waivered from specific aspects of state law, rules and guidelines. Operating as a charter school enables THINC to tap into additional teaching and academic resources that are typically unavailable in a traditional school.


Specific examples of how such a waiver will benefit THINC students include:


Through flexible scheduling, students are able to complete coursework in less than the normally required time.

Class Size

Waivers of class size requirements allow THINC to offer more opportunities for students to pursue academic and career choices.

Teacher Certification

Allows THINC to employ individuals with relevant and current industry expertise. These instructors may be qualified through industry certifications rather than through traditional education certifications.


Allows programs of study specifically tailored to meet the needs of employers in Troup County.

Instructional Equipment

Offers flexibility in the choices of resources appropriate and relevant to the integration of academic and technical instruction in the classroom.


Student grades are based on demonstrating specific soft skills as well as mastery of academic content.

State of Georgia Charter

THINC Vision

THINC will realize the full potential of students through cutting-edge education and our business-minded culture of excellence to drive a new era of innovation, growth and productivity in Troup County and the surrounding region.

THINC Mission

Using a hands-on business approach, THINC College & Career Academy, its community, and industry partners will equip all students with the skills necessary to discover and achieve their college and career goals.