What is the Imagination Fund?

The Imagination Fund is the foundation of all charitable support for the College & Career Academy since 2015. THINC partners and friends have contributed over $9.2 million dollars in both monetary and in-kind gifts. It ranks as the most successful private donation program for a Charter School program in the State of Georgia. The THINC Imagination Fund provides a financial platform for ensuring that THINC College & Career Academy delivers quality educational opportunities and workplace development for the future workforce and businesses of Troup County and the West Georgia region.

Annual giving is important to THINC College and Career Academy for many reasons. Specifically, annual gifts are unrestricted, which means your gift can go directly to the areas of greatest need at the school, helping to address unexpected issues and capitalize on breaking opportunities. Moreover, annual giving is just that – annual. By making yearly contributions to the Imagination Fund, business investors, alumni, parents and friends provide a necessary stream of academic, workforce development and student support.

‘Imagine’ the Difference Your Gift Makes!

If you are wondering if your gift will make a difference at THINC, the answer is simple: it will! Every gift to the THINC Imagination Fund, no matter the amount, makes it possible for our current and future students to receive a transformative educational experience. It also ensures that we are ‘pushing-the-envelope’ in terms of the educational and workforce development experiences.


Where Does the Money Go?

The THINC Imagination Fund impacts a wide range of initiatives. Without it, we lack the capability to maintain both a state-of-the-art instructional environment and it significantly limits our ability to achieve needed facility infrastructure/growth goals. Here are some examples of where the THINC Imagination Fund impacts our students and faculty:

  • Providing equipment and learning experience scholarships for exceptional students to compete in state and national competition
  • Funding  business engagement opportunities , such as internships, business incubators, and enterprise models
  • Maintaining a sustainable equipment experience program that ensure our students and your future employees learn on state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing equipment
  • Creating life-transforming workplace learning opportunities with hands-on-projects
  • Facilitating industry and business tours and workforce skills competitions
  • Building a new THINC facility, Science Lab and Outdoor Learning Lab
  • Expanding employment opportunities for students, alumni and industry
  • Strengthening our innovative academic programs
  • Providing professional growth opportunities for our instructors

Imagination Fund Campaign

Growth Fund

$16 Million

Academic Initiatives & Special Programs

$1 Million


$10 Million

Total Campaign

$27 Million

THINC Capital

  • THINC is preparing for growth! These funds will ensure access to new and expanded facilities & equipment.
  • $ 1 million for Science Lab & Outdoor Learning Lab for sustainable Energy Research and Design


  • $10 Million Dollar Goal
  • 6% Interest = $600k in annual operating cost
  • Retains and/or builds on initial principal
  • Enables critical autonomy of operations and strategic planning and execution

How Can I Make a Gift?


Gerald Wyatt, CEO

Or you can mail your gift to :

THINC. College and Career Academy
1 College Circle LaGrange, GA 30240

For more information:
706-616-7476 or 706-668-6800(main)

THINC College and Career Academy Imagination Fund Levels of Giving

Donor logo placed on the THINC Donor Board, website and all printed invitations. The option for prominent classroom logo recognition and space allocation for company display extended.

Presidential Scholars: $500,000 – < $1 million
Donor logo placed on the THINC Donor Board, website and all printed invitations (size of logo determined according to donation).

Stakeholders: $100,000 – < $500,000
Donor logo placed on the THINC Donor Board, website and all printed  invitations. The option for logo recognition in classrooms extended (size of logo according to the donation).

Innovators: $25,000 – < $100,000
Donor logo placed on the THINC Donor Board, website and all printed invitations.

Entrepreneurs: $5,000 – < $25,000
Donor logo placed on the THINC Donor Board and website.

Naming Opportunities
Science Lab – $500,000
Outdoor “Sustainability” Learning Lab – $500,000
Engineering, Mechatronics, Energy Wing – $5 million
Healthcare Wing – $500,000
Business and Technology – $500,000