August 25, 2020 Board Minutes

August 31, 2020

Date:                      Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Time:                     12:00 PM

Location:              Via Zoom

Present:                Bill Stump, Ted Arnold, Leonard Phillips, Shelley Strickland, Kash Lhaklani, Frank McRae, Eric Mosely, Joseph Miller, Lauren Edgar, Kevin Donovan, Charis Acree, Dr. Shaundre Brown, Kevin Patrick

Other:                   Gerald Wyatt, Regan Mock, Dr. Chris Williams, Carrie Tomlin, James Bence, Dr. Brian Shumate, Connie Hensler, Meghan Duke, Mitch Key, Brandon Brooks, Marco Brown

The meeting began at 12:05 PM.

  • Welcome- Bill Stump, THINC Board Chair
  • Motion called for approval of July minutes- Bill Stump
    • 1st Joseph Miller, 2nd Ted Arnold
  • 2019 Audit Review- James Bence, Mauldin & Jenkins Rep
    • 990 tax fillings were completed on time.
    • Clean opinion issues- financial statements are correct.
    • $1.7 mil in net assets, $1.6 mil without donor restrictions.
    • Majority of costs were used for program enhancements.
    • No findings.
    • Motion called for approval by Bill Stump
      • 1st Leonard Phillips, 2nd Frank McRae
  • P&L- Gerald Wyatt, CEO
    • Reviewed July reports.
    • $8,580.69 disbursed in July, majority of the disbursements went toward audit fees, insurance liability premium and monthly accounting fees.
    • Interest gained from certificates of deposit for July is $2,866.71 and $881 from KIA employee donations.
    • $1,165,586 YTD carryover.
    • $1,294,119 in future sustainability.
    • No July donations.
    • $55,000 will reflect next month from KIA to be used for 3D printers.
    • Randy Jackson balance is sitting at $79,365
    • Motion to approve June financials- Bill Stamp
      • 1st Leonard Phillips, 2nd Joseph Miller
  • Expeditions Update- Carrie Tomlin, Workforce Development Manager
    • Hiring has been on a momentary stand still due to COVID.
    • Pre-COVID there were 22 manufacturing jobs available and 9 employers, post-COVID 4 employers have hired 9 students.
    • Expeditions program expanded into healthcare also.
    • Pre-COVID there were 12 healthcare jobs available and 6 employers, post-COVID there are 0 jobs. However, all the original healthcare employers are still on board.
    • Pre-COVID Troup County planned to hire 1 student for a Public Relations position, but this position is currently on hold due to their work being done virtually.
    • Hyundi Transys increase in hiring expected from 1 to 3 students.
    • Jindal increase in hiring also expected.
    • Additional 3 Healthcare providers expected to get on board also.
    • Currently in the process of collecting data on employed students, wage increases and educational achievements.
  • School Operations- Dr. Chris Williams, Principal
    • Several students have expressed gratitude that they are able to be back in school.
    • There have been very little discipline issues thus far.
    • Instructors have been working extremely hard to learn and manage Canvas. Due to small staff, most of our instructors are teaching in seat as well as virtual.
    • Administration is providing support to staff in all areas.
  • TCSS Update- Dr. Penny Johnson, TCSS Asst. Superintendent
    • The school year started with 70% of students in person.
    • Visited 19 schools last week.
    • Kids are expressing happiness to be back in school and receive access to many things they weren’t able to get back at home.
    • It was important to open in seat rather than starting all virtual so that relationships could be built between teachers and students. All teachers were asked to begin teaching on Canvas, regardless of virtual status.
    • As time progresses, everyone is becoming more comfortable with virtual learning. Teachers have been provided swivel cameras to allow them to manage students virtually and in person.
    • There were 4 student COVID cases last week, 3 more over the weekend and 1 today.
  • Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne Update- Gerald Wyatt
    • Commercial is currently airing, peak time is 7:00 AM-11:45 AM and 6:00 PM-11:45 PM.
    • Channels: CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, TLC, and Travel and Discovery.
    • Version hosted by Laurence Fishburne should be sent to us this week.
    • Received a call from someone in another state starting a Career Academy and reached out already to us from seeing the commercial.

Adjourned 12:40 PM