May 26, 2020 Executive Minutes

June 3, 2020

Date:               Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Time:              11:30 AM

Location:        THINC Board Room

Present:          Ted Arnold, Leonard Phillips, Jamey Jackson, Dr. Penny Johnson

Others:           Gerald Wyatt, Regan Mock

The meeting began at 11:35 AM.

  • Approval of February minutes- Ted Arnold, Board Vice-Chair
    • 1st Leonard Phillips, 2nd Jamey Jackson
  • P&L- Leonard Phillips, Finance Chair
    • Financials are unavailable at the moment, but will be sent to the Committee within the week and will go through approval at the next Finance meeting.
  • Spending- Gerald Wyatt, THINC CEO
    • Spending has been low due to no activities or meetings taking place because of COVID.
    • Workshops, competitions etc. that were previously scheduled have been postponed or refunded.
  • Fundraising- Gerald Wyatt
    • Typically fundraising is in full swing at this time, but due to COVID most meetings have been postponed with hopes of picking up mid-summer if possible.

Meeting Adjourned.