May 26, 2020 Board Minutes

June 3, 2020

Date:               Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Time:              12:00 PM

Location:        THINC Board Room- Held via ZOOM

Present:          Bill Stump, Ted Arnold, Kevin Patrick, Dr. Penny Johnson, Frank McRae,

                        Eric Mosley, Joseph Miller, John Asbell, Kash Lakhlani, Shelley Strickland,   

                        Leonard Phillips, Charis Acree

Other:             Gerald Wyatt, Dr. Chris Williams, Dr. Brian Shumate, Mitch Key, Connie                              Hensler, Meghan Duke, Regan Mock

The meeting began at 12:05 PM.

  • Welcome- Bill Stump, THINC Board Chair
  • Prayer- John Asbell
  • Motion called for approval of  February minutes- Bill Stump
    • 1st Ted Arnold, 2nd John Asbell  
  • P&L- Leonard Phillips, Finance Chair
    • Financials are unavailable at the moment, but will be sent to the Board within the week and will go through approval at the next Board meeting.
    • List of approved transfer of assets to TCSS from THINC will be sent via email again.
  • End of Year Activities- Gerald Wyatt, THINC CEO
    • SLAM, LIFT and the new Healthcare camp will not take place this summer due to COVID restrictions.
    • All scheduled competitions and conferences THINC planned to attend will no longer take place.
  • TCSS Update- Dr. Brian Shumate, TCSS Superintendent
    • The state has issued a 14% budget cut, which is roughly $9.5M. Roughly $3-5M of this cut will be covered from the reserve account and CARES. There has been a $2M cut within TCSS central office. All elementary, middle and high schools have been reviewing their staffing to see what reductions could also be made. There is also potential for furlough days.
    • This still leaves nearly a $1.8M deficit if state cutes remain at 14%.
  • Year End Closing & Teacher Recruitment- Dr. Chris Williams, THINC Principal
    • Teachers came in last week on a staggered schedule to clean classrooms and submit final grading.
    • There have been 6 positions opened at THINC for FY21: Marketing, Engineering, Math, Social Studies, Healthcare and Exceptional Education Co-teacher.
    • The only position remaining to be filled is Engineering.
  • Dashboard- Dr. Chris Williams
    • The process is still taking place in collecting data for yearend numbers. Once this information is in final form it will be available for viewing on our THINC webpage.
  • Behind the Scenes- Gerald Wyatt
    • Rough draft of the 5 minute commercial featuring THINC and 1 minute condensed version for Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburn has been received. Feedback was provided to the producers and we are pending receipt of the final version. This should be received in the next two weeks.
  • Expeditions Update- Gerald Wyatt
    • COVID has affected the filling of Expeditions positions for the fall because many employers are focusing on retention of their current employees, but are still engaged with THINC and have hopes of hiring in the Spring.

Adjourned 12:55 PM