February 25, 2020 Executive Minutes

March 2, 2020

Date:               Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Time:              11:00 AM

Location:        THINC Board Room

Present:          Bill Stump, Ted Arnold, John Asbell, Leonard Phillips

Others:           Gerald Wyatt, Kim Burgess

The meeting began at 11:11 AM.

  • Approval of January minutes called- Bill Stump, Board Chair
    • 1st John Asbell, 2nd Bill Stump
  • Discussion of meeting dates- Gerald Wyatt
    • Recommendation to change Executive and Finance meetings to the fourth Tuesday, same as Board meetings, rather than holding them on the third Tuesday.
    • Agreed and approved. Regan Mock will be sending new invitations for future meetings.
  • Updates- Gerald Wyatt
    • THINC Connector
      • Document will be presented at Board meetings to keep Board members in the know of events and achievements taking place at THINC.
    • Overview of CEO Event at the State Capital.
  • THINC Ahead- Gerald Wyatt
    • THINC Ahead is a career fair for THINC students only.
    • Suggestion of hosting an event to all seniors in TCSS that will offer available jobs. SHRM is on board along with Troup County Employers Committee and Department of Labor.
      • Bill Stump suggested involving juniors as well.

Meeting Adjourned.