February 25, 2020 Board Minutes

March 2, 2020

Date:               Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Time:              12:00 PM

Location:        THINC Board Room

The meeting began at 12:00 PM.

  • Welcome- Bill Stump, THINC Board Chair
  • Invocation
  • Motion called for approval of  January minutes- Bill Stump
    • Approved
  • P&L- Leonard Phillips
  • Contributions- Gerald Wyatt
    • Synovus- $10,000 to fund SLAM camp this summer (came in February)
    • TCSS- $1,750 half amount of $3,500 for Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne on March 11th
    • Scott Family – $150 Appreciation of what THINC did for her child that formerly attended THINC.
    • Randy Jackson scholarship to send one THINC student on an International trip
  • Approval of Transfer of Assets to TCSS- Gerald Wyatt
    • Various items, list provided – TCSS motion and seconded motion passes to send fund to TCSS. 
  • Gerald Wyatt- $14,500 to Mauldin & Jenkins to provide financial statement.
  • Expeditions Update- Carrie Tomlin
    • Expeditions is in the process of hiring students for the 20-21 school year, which will be the 4th year for Expeditions.
    • There are 7 different employers that will be hiring for a combined total of 20 positions.
    • Jindal Films will offer a total of 21 positions.
    • Healthcare is being added into Expeditions for the upcoming year and 10 positions have been confirmed, but THINC is still meeting with various healthcare providers.
    • Expeditions tours will be offered March 13th.
      • A survey was conducted to track student interest- healthcare was 31.5%, manufacturing was 31%, both was 25% and other was 12.5%
    • 118 students shared interest in KIA offering manufacturing, healthcare and public relations positions.
    • Question asked about student hours in WBL:
      • Some students attended classes in the morning and work during the afternoon, but some attend work in the morning then report to school for afternoon classes.
      • WBL students can earn 1-4 academic credits.
      • Students work on the minimum number of ours and trade some school hours for work hours.
    • WBL is open to all Troup County School students.
      • Data requested from someone to compare competitiveness of THINC students vs base school students.
        • Dr. Williams asked that all data requests come to him directly.
    • Expeditions Signing Day will be May 22nd.
    • Changes to be implemented:
      • Program development
      • Improve data tracking
      • Need to customize process to accommodate healthcare
      • Need greater pool of students
      • Tools for counselors to recruit students for WBL
      • More success stories and social media posts
      • Need to increase and diversify partnerships with employers.
  • CTAE Month- Veleka Battle, CTAE Supervisor/Assistant Principal
    • Gift given to TCSS and THINC Board members with various items designed or chosen by THINC CTSO groups.
  • Professional Dress Awards- Gerald Wyatt
    • Raffle tickets are given to students that are professionally dressed every Tuesday and four tickets are drawn weekly for $10 AMC gift cards.
    • If a student participates each week of the month they are placed into a monthly drawing for a $25 VISA gift card provided by the CEO, Gerald Wyatt.
  • Helmet Display- Gerald Wyatt
    • Helmets created by Mr. Whites History class are on display in theSPARK.
    • Helmet art was created on helmets from battle by extensive research that the student groups completed on a WWII Veteran of their choice. Some students were able to speak with the Veterans and interview them with questions that they developed on their own.

Meeting adjourned.