January 21, 2020 Executive Minutes

February 26, 2020

Date:               Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Time:              11:00 AM

Location:        THINC Board Room

Present:          Bill Stump, John Asbell, Ted Arnold

Others:           Gerald Wyatt, Regan Mock

The meeting began at 11:05 AM.

  • Behind the Scenes with Lawrence Fishburn- Gerald Wyatt
    • THINC would like to participate in a marketing campaign that will air on PBS as a 6 minute vignette on Workforce Development and Industry throughout the course of a year.
    • There will also be an additional 3 minutes version that will air on CNN, FOX and CNBS. Also, a 30 second commercial to air on ABC, CBS and NBC.
    • Gerald does plan to speak with TCSS about sharing the cost.
  • Motion called for approval of multiple items- Bill Stump, Board Chair
    • Extend John Asbell’s term on the Board
    • Extend Ted and Bill’s tenor
    • Approval of Leonard Phillip’s as Finance Chair
    • October minutes
    • Transfer of $26,500.00 from Education Special Expense to Advertising for Behind the Scenes with Larence Fishburn
      • 1st Ted Arnold, 2nd John Asbell
  • John Asbell made the suggestion of setting up periodic seminars on how THINC go to the place we are at and setting up tours aligned with these seminars and requiring a fee for participation.
  • Mission Statement to be presented to the Board for approval- Gerald Wyatt
    • New mission statement for THINC proposed: “Using a hands-on business approach, THINC College & Career Academy, its community, and industry partners will equip all students with the skills necessary to discover and achieve their college and career goals.”
  • Bill Stump requested that THINC provide a calendar of events for the Board to allow them to see what is taking place that month.
    • John Asbell requested that a list of THINC instructors with their contact information be given to the Board as well.

Meeting Adjourned.