THINC Enters 2020 as Georgia’s First NCAC Model School

January 8, 2020

THINC College and Career Academy (THINC), has received commendations that no other program of its kind in the state of Georgia has received – Model Status. Recently, they became the first college and career academy in Georgia to achieve this status through the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC). The Model Status recognition places THINC and Troup County School System on the state and national stage as an exemplary model to be replicated.

It all started in 2016 when THINC set a goal to be the first in the state to achieve the NCAC Model School honor. To obtain the achievement, they had to meet ten national standards of practice such as business and industry support, community support, and including academics and career technical education throughout the program. At the time, Kathy Carlisle was the CEO. Before her retirement, the team at THINC focused on building an academy model around the national standards. Now, CEO Gerald Wyatt, current leader at THINC is continuing the tradition of excellence.

Wyatt was a member of the THINC Board when the focus to accreditation began. He says, “This was truly a team effort, from the educators to the parents and business partners. We underwent a rigorous process to achieve national status. It included in-depth interviews with staff, students, parents and business partners. I’m incredibly proud of all the hard work from our team and look forward to even greater things to come.”

In addition to the collaboration amongst the team, THINC has presented at NCAC conferences for three years. In 2022, the national conference is making its way to Atlanta. It has been important for THINC to showcase the educational and future career opportunities the students in Troup County have available after graduating from high school. From advanced manufacturing, to gaming and healthcare, it is offered at THINC in a work-based learning environment that is supported by business and industry. Some of those projects are THINC Fast and career Expeditions.

The notification of Model Academy status was presented in Philadelphia. Academies can be recognized as model, certified, or in progress. For an academy to reach NCAC’s highest level of recognition, it must meet or exceed proficiency in all 10 areas of the National Standards of Practice.

Wyatt was on hand for the presentation and said this means so much more for THINC, Troup County School System, and our region, “This accreditation sets us apart from any other college and career academy in the state and is confirmation that what we are doing here in Troup County is worthy of national recognition. We already have visitors from outside of the area coming to see what we are doing so they can attempt to duplicate our efforts. That’s a big win for us and a big win for Troup County.”