October 22, 2019 Board Minutes

October 23, 2019

Date:               Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Time:              11:30 AM

Location:        THINC Board Room

Present:          Ted Arnold, Joseph Miller, John Radcliff, Dr. Shaundre Brown, Lauren Edgar, Kash Lhaklani, Leonard Phillips, John Asbell, Regina Ingram

Others:           Gerald Wyatt, Dr. Chris Williams, Brandon Brooks, Dr. Brian Shumate, Alexander Hewett, Abby Vanhoose, RJ Williams, Helen Rice. Shelley Strickland, Michelle Williams, Nathan Blevins, Regan Mock, Angie Grasberger, Thomas Suddreth

The meeting began at 11:50 AM.

  • Prayer by John Asbell
  • Introduction from NCAC Review Team, Angie Grasberger and Thomas Suddreth, and open discussion with Board.
  • Motion called for approval of September minutes- Ted Arnold, Vice-Chair
    • 1st Regina Ingram, 2nd Joseph Miller (upon correction of name: Regina ‘Arnold’ to Regina ‘Ingram’)
  • Name of new Board members presented for approval of the Board- Gerald Wyatt
    • Kevin Patrick: THS parent representative
    • Shelley Strickland: LHS parent representative
    • 1st Regina Ingram, 2nd Joseph Miller
  • Motion called for approval to extend the term of Bill Stump as Chair and Ted Arnold as Vice-Chair- Gerald Wyatt
    • 1st  John Radcliff, 2nd Regina Ingram
  • Description of Finance Chair role presented to the Board and request for volunteers- Gerald Wyatt
  • P&L- Gerald Wyatt
    • Sustainability: only additional funds came from interest earned
      • YTD is $165.603.75
    • Randy Jackson Fund: $83,245.00
    • Designated Funds received:
      • $20,000.00 from GA Power
      • $3,000.00 for SLAM
      • $15,000 from BCBS will be on next months review
    • Cash Flow: $1,725,952.72
    • Motion called for approval of P&L
      • 1st John Asbell, 2nd John Radcliff
    • Updates from Gerald Wyatt:
      • Healthcare MOU has been signed
      • EMS Day overview from 10/21
      • Healthcare Expeditions Forum on 11/6
      • THINC Fast on 10/25
      • Reviewed KIA Workbased Learning video featuring THINC students
  • Gerald Wyatt shared his desire for more engagement from the Board. Various Committee will be announced and Board members will be requested to participate on at least one.
  • Dr. Brian Shumate shared his excitement for the announcement of NCAC certification and for the relationship to continue to evolve between TCSS and THINC. More formal planning will take place through the summer and he continues to look forward to the future.

Meeting adjourned 12:30 PM.