Gerald B. Wyatt Named CEO of THINC College & Career Academy

September 14, 2019

Once a THINC College & Career Academy (THINC) board member, Gerald B. Wyatt will be moving into a new role with the academy as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This morning, he was named to the position after a unanimous vote by the THINC Board. He will begin Monday, September 23rd. 

Ted Arnold, Vice Chairman of the THINC Executive Committee and KMMG’s Head of Department for Quality Assurance, said, “We have had two rounds of candidates – four the first round and four the second round. Gerald rose to the top of the group. What stood out about Gerald was his passion for THINC and his passion for the students. He is a very caring and nurturing leader and we feel like that is what the academy needs to move forward.”

Wyatt comes to the position with close to 30 years of experience in human resources management, finance, and logistics from Fortune 500 companies around the country. He is also senior pastor of a thriving church congregation in Columbus, Georgia. Wyatt received his formal education from Indiana Institute of Technology where he graduated Cum Laude with an accounting degree and St. John Fisher College where he earned his master’s degree in business. He is looking forward to building consensus in the community and build relationships. 

He joined THINC’s board as an industry professional two years ago. He also served as the chairperson for the finance committee. Wyatt said, “I developed a great passion and energy around THINC and all that it believes in, especially its effects on economic development and the community. When the opportunity came for this role to be filled, we were not successful the first round so I made a decision to throw my name in the hat.”

As the current senior human resources manager and director at Mando, Wyatt said he can bring qualities from his former positions into the CEO role when he begins in September. There are three areas of focus that he deems important. “The first thing is brand development and helping people understand who we are, what we do, and why we are here. Pulling in students to drive that force will be important. The second thing is relationships – corporate and professional relationships outside of the building. We want to get them more engaged and involved in what we are doing here at THINC so they can have an immediate impact on their businesses and overall economic development. The third thing is to create a template of the THINC model so it can be shared in other communities and counties,” said Wyatt. 

Kathy Carlisle, current CEO of THINC, has been with the academy since the inception of the program in Troup County School System. Her accomplishments range from growing student enrollment, adding ninth grade, home schooled, and out-of-county students to the academy’s roster, increasing community partner donations and engagement, and expanding THINC’s visibility in the community and nationwide. She will remain on as an advisor to Wyatt until November when she retires. 

Many of the students and staff saw Wyatt before the announcement when he donned a chef’s apron to man the grill for the student picnic that highlighted career pathways. He says the job is going to require that and much more. He thanks the community and THINC Board for believing in him as the person to take the academy to the next level. Wyatt stated, “I want to thank the Board because of their willingness to share and allowing me this opportunity. I have hard shoes to fill, but their confidence in me and their belief in my passion and energy is great. I was told by a member in the community that we don’t need another educator, we need leadership. I look to provide that leadership with the support and help of everyone who is involved.”