August 30, 2019 Board Minutes

September 3, 2019

Date:               Tuesday, August 30th, 2019

Time:              9:00 AM

Location:        THINC Board Room

Present:          Regina Ingram, Ted Arnold, John Asbell, Kevin Donovan, Kash Lakhlani, Becca Eiland, Leonard Phillips, Joseph Miller, Gerald Wyatt

Others:           Dr. Kathy Carlisle, Yolanda Stephens, Regan Mock, Eric Mosely

The meeting began at 9:05 AM.

  • Ted Arnold called Executive Session to vote on the new THINC CEO and review their resume with the Board.
  • Executive Session closed.
  • Public vote to appoint Gerald Wyatt as the new THINC CEO.
    • None opposed

Meeting adjourned 9:15 AM.