May 28th, 2019 Board Minutes

May 30, 2019

Date:               Tuesday, May 28st, 2019

Time:              12:00 PM

Location:        THINC Board Room

Present:          Bill Stump, Leonard Phillips, Becca Eiland, Joseph Miller, Lauren Edgar, Dr. Roy Nichols, Mitch Key, Brandon Brooks, Dr. Shaundre Brown, John Asbell, Frank McRae, Eric Mosely, Dr. Kathy Carlisle     

Others:           Regan Mock

The meeting began at 12:15 PM.

  • Prayer by John Asbell
  • Bill Stump called a motion to approve April Minutes.
    • 1st John Asbell, 2nd Frank McRae
  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle presented THINC Back 30.
  • Personnel update– Dr. Kathy Carlisle and Bill Stump
    • Seventeen applications were presented for review to the Personnel Committee where the top 3 applicants and 2 alternates were chosen. One alternate accepted a position elsewhere, which leaves 4 applicants remaining to interview.
    • Interviews will take place June 4th and 5th. Once the top 2 are determined, each of them will meet with THINC Staff for discussion and will video chat with Dr. Brian Shumate and Dr. Scott Rule.
    • THINC Executive Committee will determine the chosen candidate and will present the choice to the THINC Board for the final vote.
  • P&L Update- Dr. Kathy Carlisle
    • Total spent for the year thus far is $317,085.85.
    • Student Rewards/Recognition was exceeded due to t-shirts ordered for students at Christmas.
    • Training at Great Wolf and Charter Certification Renewal caused the budget for Business Meals to be exceeded.
    • LIFT and SLAM are sustained yearly.
    • Encumbered funds of $7,158.75 are due to checks written that have not yet cleared.
    • Bill Stump called motion to approve the P&L.
      • 1st Frank McRae, 2nd Joseph Miller
  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle provided a final update on the term, rate and location selected for the 3 CD accounts that renewed in April.
    • Due to retirement approaching, Dr. Carlisle is not listed as a signer on the accounts.
    • Bill Stump and Gerald Wyatt will remain signers on the accounts.
  • 2019-2020 Proposed Budget- Dr. Kathy Carlisle
  • Staff Development has been reduced by $5,000.00 to allow an increase in Student Rewards/Recognition of $5,000.00
  • Office Supplies has decreased by $5,000.00 due to an increase in the support of the Troup County School System for that category.
  • NCAC has decreased by $5,000.00 due to excess funds in the account.

The THINC Board will have 30 days to review the proposed budget and will vote at the next meeting, June 25th.

  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle provided an update on the upcoming school year.
    • THINC will have 2 custodians.
    • WGTC is allowing THINC to remain in the 2 rooms they provided us with, however an additional room to be added has been requested.
    • There will be approximately 800-900 students.
  • Charter Renewal– Dr. Kathy Carlisle
    • Phase I has been complete and we will begin Phase II next. There will be 2 Phases remaining for completion.



PHASE I:  Joint board training and preliminary discussions regarding each initiative

PHASE II: The “newly appointed” Superintendent and CEO will lead a conversation with both boards to develop a communication plan.

Timeline: July/August 2019

PHASE III: BOARDS will engage jointly in a strategic planning session. Timeline: September/October 2019

Phase IV: Both boards or a sub-group will complete the Charter Renewal.  Timeline: November/December 2019

Meeting adjourned 1:01 PM.