April 16th, 2019 Executive Minutes

April 19, 2019

Date:               Tuesday,April 16h, 2019

Time:              11:00 AM

Location:        City Hall Conference Room

Present:          Gerald Wyatt, Regina Ingram, John Asbell, Ted Arnold            

The Meeting began at 11:00 a.m.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear feedback from Scott Malone regarding the CEO position and any concerns about THINC.  Scott spoke about numerous observations.  In summary:

  • He feels THINC is not reaching out to the lowest performing students and should consider more outreach to this group.
  • He would like to see more data regarding graduates and where they are post-graduation.
  • He is interested in the German Apprenticeship model and would like to see engagement with this program.
  • Overall he values THINC, just concerned about the above.