February 26th, 2019 Board Minutes

February 27, 2019

Date:               Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Time:               12:00 PM       

Location:        THINC Board Room
                        One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240

Present:           Regina Ingram, Bill Stump, Austin Barber, Eric Mosely, Charis Acree, Mitchell Key, Kevionte Gaskin, Brandon Brooks, Dr. Shaundre Brown, Zyshonn Morris, Kash Lakhlani, Frank McRae, Robby Burch, Gerald Wyatt, Lauren Edgar, Leonard Phillips, Jennifer Pike, Dr. Kathy Carlisle, Dr. Chris Williams        

Other:             Regan Mock                          

The meeting began at 12:10 PM.

Prayer by Kevionte Gaskin.

  • Jennifer Pike discussed various updates regarding THINC and enrollment.
    • There is an increase in requests to join marketing, 140 requests for Game Design, 112 requests for Engineering, 68 requests for Mechatronics, 182 requests for Intro to Health, 54 requests for Drafting & Design and 83 requests for International Business. THINC has a capacity to hold 650 students.
    • The deadline to make changes to dual enrollment is May 3rd.
    • The deadline for all schedule changes is June 6th.
    • PAC Track event hosted by WGTC for dual enrollment will be February 27th.
  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle discussed her meeting with Dr. Scott Rule.
    • There are classrooms at WGTC that are not being fully utilized. Dr. Scott Rule is currently working on a new master plan for the layout of WGTC.
    • THINC is guaranteed to be able to keep the 2 WGTC rooms currently being used and an additional room was requested.
  • Bill Stump called a motion to approve January Minutes.
    • Robby Burch 1st and Regina Ingram 2nd
  • Brandon Brooks announced the new Superintendent, Dr. Brain Shumate, will start on July 1st. The TCSS Board plans to coordinate “get to know you session”.
  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle presented THINC Back 30.
  • Regina Ingram discussed Personnel Committee updates.
    • Malone Staffing has been chosen as the search committee for the new THINC CEO and plan to meet with the interview panel and Personnel Committee to finalize exactly what qualifies the ideal candidate along with Dr. Brian Shumate.
    • The position is expected to be posted by the end of March and will remain for 30 days and the top 3 candidates will then be selected.
    • Motion to approve up to $25,000 in recruiting fees from Education Special Fund
  • Robby Burch 1st, John Asbell 2nd.
  • Gerald Wyatt discussed P&L update.
    • Sustainability update.
    • In January a donation of $25,000.00 from West Point Development Authority was made and a $5,000.00 donation from J Smith Lanier.
    • Motion called for approval of cash flow statement.
      • Robby Burch 1st, John Asbell 2nd
    • Eddie Mabe has interest in placing a $1,300.00 scholarship per year with THINC.
  • Dr. Carlisle discussed required Joint Board Training for THINC Board and TCSS Board on March 19th.
    • A communication plan will be developed.
    • Renewal of the Charter will be discussed.
    • The final portion of SOAR, aspiration and resources, will be completed.
    • There will be 3 speakers at the training; Lynn Plunket, Frank Pinson and Linda McMullen.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:04 PM.

Next meeting date: Tuesday, March 19 at 10:00 AM at Great Wolf Lodge 150 Tom Hall Parkway, LaGrange, Georgia, 30240.