January 22nd, 2019 Board Minutes

January 24, 2019

Date:               Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Time:               12:00 PM

Location:        THINC Board Room
                        One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240

Present:           Dr. Kathy Carlisle, Gerald Wyatt, Leonard Phillips, Kash Lakhlani, Robby Burch, Frank McRae, Kevin Donovan, Ted Arnold, Regina Ingram, Lauren Edgar, Becca Eiland, Bill Stump, Meghan Duke, Charis Acree, John Radclif, Zyshonn Morris, Kevionte Gaskins, Austin Barber, Mitchell Key, Eric Mosely, Dr. Shaundre Brown

Absent:            Joseph Miller

“KIA in the classroom” video presenting THINC student of the month at 12:15 PM.

Meeting called to order by Bill Stump at 12:16 PM followed by introduction of all members present.

Prayer by Austin Barber at 12:2 PM.

  • December minutes approved

  • Election of Ted Arnold as Vice-Chairman  -approved
  • Regina Ingram presented proposals of the Job Description, Search Firms and the RFP Timeline.
    • Search firm to be chosen by the next meeting.
    • Anyone one interested in the position must go through the search firm for application.
    • Discussed about pros and cons of having an exclusive, general consensus of having one firm.
    • Board requested to submit feedback of the job description and core competencies to Dr. Kathy Carlisle.
  • Gerald Wyatt discussed actual vs budget for the year.
    • There is 32.8% remaining for FY19.
    • Discussed sustainability funds and cash flow statement.
      • Motion to accept and approved financial statements
        • 1st John Radfliff, 2nd John Asbell

        • Request to approve up to 20% of salary for the search firm.

Unanimous vote to approve.

  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle discussed proposal to share salary expense with the TCSS.
    • Dr. Roy Nichols said the TCSS will pay 40%.
    • Salary will be listed at $95,000 – $125,000.
      • 1st John Radcliff, 2nd John Asbell – Approved
  • Transfer of assets to be completed to TCSS – Approved
  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle discussed, on behalf of Dr. Chris Williams, that a position had been approved to hire a CTAE Secretary and that the position has been filled.
  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle discussed the amount of students participating in Work Based Learning has increased to 157. This requires increased personnel and employers.
  • Dr. Kathy Carlisle discussed required actions from CCA Certification report.
    • Increased communication between the TCSS Board and THINC Board and a strategic plan is required.
      • Plans of TCSS Board to attend our Board Training on March 19th.

  • Required plan for professional growth, specifically:
    • Industry teachers require enhanced mentoring and resources
    • Certification report cited a need for more admin support for professional development and increased enrollment.
  • Charter has to be updated by December 2019.
    • Discussion regarding need for new CEO and Superintendent to be included in the updated charter changes which must be submitted by Dec. 2019.
  • Scorecard to be presented at next Board meeting due to Dr. Chris Williams’ absence.

Meeting adjourned at 1:17 PM.

Next meeting date: Tuesday, February 25 at 12:00 PM in THINC Board Room, One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240.