Mando Donates $100,000 to THINC College and Career Academy

September 20, 2018

LaGrange, Ga., September 20, 2018 – Three THINC College and Career Academy (THINC) students had an opportunity to use their employability skills as they stood in the front of five Mando Corporation (Mando) representatives, including CEO Yong Keol Kim, to verbally share their experiences about attending THINC.

The group was there to present a financial investment gift of $100,000 to THINC. The funds will be disbursed in $20,000 increments over the next five years. The hope is that students will graduate workforce ready and will choose to start their employment with local companies like Mando, who makes and supplies automobile parts to car manufacturing companies.

There are currently six students participating in apprenticeships with the organization. Gerald Wyatt, HR Manager for Mando, said the students have displayed excellent work skills and their willingness to learn about the job and the organization is far beyond what they expected. “Initially, we offered apprenticeships to five students. Those have worked out so well that we just hired another apprentice today,” stated Wyatt.

While there, students are challenged to work in various areas of the manufacturing plant that will give them a well-rounded experience of what the company can offer in terms of career availability.

While accepting the Letter of Intent, Kathy Carlisle, THINC CEO, relayed to the group that, “Our goal is to prepare students that are work ready. We hope Mando is seeing the fruits of our good work. This contribution will have a very profound impact on the learning opportunities provided for 100 students.”

During the check presentation, Mando President Kim said, “Finding, retaining, and training new talent can be quite challenging. Thanks to THINC for running great programs for students, the community, and employers. It’s a win-win-win situation for all. When we see the local population become more successful, it impacts our success as a local employer.”

High School students, D.W. Ward ,Jery Chadwick, and
Zyshonn Morris speak on their experiences at THINC.

Dr. Kathy Carlisle, President of THINC reviews information with Gerald Wyatt, HR manager for Mando.