January 23rd, 2018 Board Minutes

January 23, 2018

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Location: THINC. Board Conference Room

One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240

Present: Corinne Hodges, Joseph Miller, Cynthia Culbreath, Kevin Donavan, Perrin Alford, Regina Ingram, Robby Burch, Bill Stump, Charis Acree, Shannon Shelton, Frank McRae, John Asbell, Tiffany Wood

Absent: Tiffany Wood, John Radcliff, Dr. Olugbenga Obasanjo

Others Present: Dr. Kathy Carlisle, Molly Sumner, Vito Evans, Mitch Key, Meghan Duke, Dr. Scott Rule

Dr. Scott Rule, WGTC Acting President addressed the group with a brief update. Dr. Rule is busy visiting  campuses and attending community events. He is waiting to hear a timeline for the WGTC presidential interviews.

Ken White, THINC Government Instructor provided the project based learning spotlight, highlighting his class project: The American Heroes. The students enjoyed videoing and chronicling the lives of numerous veterans in the area. In addition, the students created a large exhibit of memorabilia.

Frank McRae, Treasurer presented the P&L – Bill Stump moved to approved and Perrin Alford 2 nd . John Asbell raised a question regarding FTE and enrollment. Bill Stump added that enrollment is critical for budgeting. Corinne mentioned the idea of billboards. John Radcliffe suggested using the high school digital boards at LHS and THS.

The CEO provided an update (PowerPoint attached)

John Asbell presented vision for a capital campaign (PowerPoint attached). Several of the board members agreed a campaign a good idea. No decisions or votes made at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30