January 17, 2018 Finance and Fundraising Committee Minutes

January 18, 2018

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018
1 College Circle
12:00 P.M.

THINC. CCA will realize the full potential of students through cutting-edge education and our business-minded culture of excellence to drive a new era of innovation, growth and productivity in Troup County and the surrounding region.

To produce work-savvy graduates in an expert-based charter academy using a down-to-business approach to education with


Approval of the November 2017 Minutes

Attendance: Frank McRae, Bill Stump, Robby Burch, John Asbell, Byron Jones, Corinne Hodges

  • P&L and FTE – Frank McRae and Byron Jones Noted that the Verizon donation should be moved to designated funds
  • Donation Update – See attachments from CEO
  • Add new committee members: check to see if Kathy Tilley would like to continue as a member
  • Corinne Hodges advised that group that she and the CEO will be meeting with John Radcliffe to discuss the MOU
  • Contributions – Outstanding (No discussion)
  • Fund Raising Update – John Asbell: Byron Jones to review the performa, particularly salary for CEO paid by FTE and transportation cost. John Asbell suggested taking the performa to Coxe- Curry in Feb.