November 28th, 2017 Finance Committee Minutes

November 28, 2017

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Location: THINC. Board Conference Room

One College Circle, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Present: Kathy Carlisle, Robby Burch, Bill Stump, John Asbell, Cynthia Culbreath, Renae Willis, Perrin Alford

Absent: John Radcliffe, Kathy Tilley, Holt Redding, Corinne Hodges, Byron Jones

Others: Molly Sumner-THINC

Robby Burch called the meeting to order at 1:07 pm.

John Asbell went over the projection for next year.

  • Kathy Carlisle stated the projected goal for next year is based on 20% growth
    • Perrin Alford asked how that figure was reached.
    • Carlisle stated it was based on current available space.
      • Included WGTC student numbers
      • Can accommodate 800 students, with all classrooms used 4 blocks with 20-25 per classroom
    • Asbell asked if sharing classrooms between teachers would increase enrollment.
      • Carlisle said it would due to having more available classes for students to enroll in.

Carlisle went over the 2017-2018 audit

  • Burch asked if $600K was spent on student enhancements
    • Carlisle stated it was bookmarked for that purpose.
      • That amount could be reduced
      • Sustainability account saves extra/carry over
      • $600K included salaries, etc., not only equipment

Burch asked what the future years projected student FTE looked like

  • Carlisle to get with Bryon Jones with TCSS

Burch asked what reasons were the students would not enroll in WBL

  • Carlisle explained the application process of WBL
    • Students must meet criteria
    • Attendance and behavior are a factor in eligibility
      • Burch expressed that he felt the program would be a big opportunity for at risk students
      • Burch also questioned how many students may already be in the workforce but are not enrolled in WBL.
        • Asbell suggested that at new student orientation, students should be asked if they are or would like to work. Also ask students how THINC can help tailor their pathway towards their jobs.
    • Asbell stated that WBL student evaluations would be good data to record and

Burch presented the August meeting minutes

  • Alford motioned to approve the minutes, Willis seconded

The meeting ended at 2:15 pm.

Next meeting date: January 17, 2018 at 12pm in the THINC. Board Room, One College Circle,
LaGrange, GA 30240.
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