August 24th, 2017 Board Minutes

August 24, 2017

Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Location: THINC. Board Conference Room

One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240

Present: Karen Freeman, Robby Burch, John Asbell, Bill Stump, Cynthia Culbreath, Perrin Alford, Corinne Hodges, John Radcliff,

Absent: Mike Young, Tiffany Wood, Linda McMullen, Andy Fritchley, Margaret D. Schaufler, Renae Willis, Dr. Olugbenga Obasanjo

Others Present: CEO – Dr. Kathy Carlisle
Staff- Molly Sumner

Robby Burch called the meeting to order at 12:18 pm.

Approval of the July Board minutes

  • Perrin made a motion to approve, Asbell 2 nd the motion

Stump reviewed the P&L with the Board

  • Burch asked about FTE amounts for the year
    • Radcliff stated Byron Jones has not finalized amounts.
    • Discussion is still on the table about FTE amounts and any deficits that may be expected
    • Stump stated that we need to ensure that everyone is using the same FTE count.
  • Perrin made a motion to approve, Asbell 2 nd the motion

Dr. Carlisle gave an enrollment update to the Board

  • Alford gave an estimate of 350-400 TCSS enrolled in MOWR
    • 535 estimated for the future enrollment
    • 580 requests were made for THINC in May 438 schedule requests changes occurred at base school in July and August. Carlisle discussed with Dr. Penny Johnson the possibility of reviewing the schedule/registration process for the future.
  • Stump asked if the schedule changes caused the most decrease in enrollment
    • Carlisle said offered several factors:
      1. Increase in MOWR at base school
      2. Moving Business & Marketing classes to base schools
      3. Lack of 9 th grade student enrollment
  • Radcliff said that there is a meeting scheduled with TCSS Admin. To discuss MOWR
    growing for next school year

    • Burch stated that changes for next year need to be addressed now
  • Asbell said he did not know if all registration staff at base schools was clear on all
    pathway options.

    • Radcliff stated that Pathway completion is a District focus
  • Dr. Carlisle gave 3 initiatives that THINC is working on to increase enrollment
    • Technical Certificate for THINC CTAE classes
      • Have already discussed with Perrin Alford
    • Private & Home School students being able to enroll in THINC
      • TCSS Board to review
    • 9 th grade students allowed to attend THINC
      • Burch scheduled meeting with TCSS to discuss as an option

Burch announced 2018 Board Members vacancies

  • Culbreath nominated Curtis Brown
  • Asbell suggested Jamey Jackson

Dr. Carlisle presented the Charter amendment to the Board

  • Asbell asked what would be tracking benchmark
    • Carlisle stated it would begin this year
  • Asbell asked what repercussions if expectations are not successful?
    • Carlisle did not foresee any in the initial years but will follow-up
  • Radcliff questioned Goal 3 – 6 vs. 7 days absences needs to be checked against the TCSS policy

The Board went into Executive Session – Personnel

  • Board approved decision to move CEO salary and benefits to the non-profit for payroll

The meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm.
Next meeting date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 12pm at THINC. College and Career
Academy. One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240
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