January 17th, 2017 Executive Committee Minutes

January 17, 2017

Executive Committee Minutes

Jan. 17, 2017

Present: Robby Burch, Renae Willis, Corinne Hodges, John Asbell, Bill Stump

Enrollment Growth: MOWR, 9 th Grade, Non-traditional and

Home School – Pathway update

  • The CEO presented a projected enrollment plan to meet a goal of 800 students. The plan is feasible, however; TCSS is considering pathway changes which may impact enrollment growth. A meeting with Dr. Johnson is scheduled for 1-18. Other areas to explore are non-traditional (private school) and home school programs. The CEO reported that over 300 students and parents attended the THINC Open House.

Sustainability – John Asbell

  • The group discussed the need to have a growth plan to launch a good campaign, and brainstormed several ideas.


  • CEO advised the group that we have not heard an update regarding the TCSG MOU. Mitch Key, THINC attorney, has offered to meet with John Taylor if necessary. CEO will follow-up with John Radcliff.

Feb. Training – and Board member changes: Lucinda resigned from Kimberly Clark and Karen Freeman (does not represent a company)

  • The group advised that Lucinda’s board position should be replaced by the chamber. The CEO will contact Page. Due to Karen Freeman working at Longhorn, the group determined that she meets the requirements of a board member working in business (not just educations).

Committees (Encourage Board members to engage)– Robby

  1.  Personnel: Tuition Policy Rewards and Recognition
  2. Fund Raising
  3. Governance: Review By-laws (need to delete votes by email)
  4. Finance
    Discussed these committees – everyone agreed.

Dinner meetings with Dr. Pugh and President Daniel – John Asbell
Corinne agreed to schedule a dinner meeting.