May 5, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2016

Date:                                      Thursday, May 5, 2016

Time:                                     5:30 p.m.

Location:                              Central Education Center

160 Martin Luther King Dr

Newnan, GA 30263


Present:                                  Renae Willis (presiding), Robby Burch,

John Radcliffe, Diane Cousins, Mardi Schaufler, Corinne Hodges,

Darryl Harrison, John Asbell


Absent:                                  Lucinda Person, Linda McMullen, Diane Cousins, Mike Young, Perrin Alford,

Mike Young, Shawn Newingham, Greg Hicks

Others Present:                  CEO – Kathy Carlisle


Chair Renae Willis called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.

Corinne Hodges, Treasurer, shared the following request for a budget amendment:

The purpose of the request is to approve a transfer of funds in the amount of $16,250 from the “Education Special Expsense” public funds account (balance as of 3/31$105,590). Funds are requested for the following:

Buck Institute of Education ($11,000) – BIE is the recommended organization to provide Project Based Learning (PBL), a 3-day training for the THINC instructors. The contract must be signed as soon as possible to secure a training date in August. PBL was discussed during the strategic planning process, and is included in the plan as a critical component for the academy to gain national accreditation and to provide a standard teaching practice with expected learning outcomes. In addition to this expense, an addition $18,000 will be requested in the 2016-2017 budget to cover instructor stipends to attend the training during the summer and for the continued on site training during the school year.

Martlet, $5,250 – this is a request to compensate Josh Fernandez for assistance with establishing a business plan overlay and outcomes dashboard to complete the strategic plan (see PowerPoint for samples). Josh will provide 100 hours of consultation and produce the visual documents necessary to for the business plan and dashboard.   This request comes from our business partners and is necessary for continued fund raising, as well as tracking the success of the academy.

Members of the group asked questions about both proposals. John Radcliff offered to confirm whether the Daggett group would provide any PBL. Although a quorum was not present for a vote, the group seemed positive and supportive of both requests. Renae Willis, Chair informed the group that an email vote would be necessary due to the timing of both request. According to the by-laws an email vote is permitted for this type of request.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45pm so that the members could attend Board Training in the CEC, Newnan conference room.

Next meeting date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 12pm at THINC. College and Career Academy. One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240

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