June 23, 2015 Board Minutes

June 23, 2015

Date: Tuesday, June 23 rd , 2015
Time: 3 p.m.
Location: THINC. College and Career Academy Conference Room

One College Circle, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Present: John Asbell (presiding), Robby Burch, Toni Striblin, CJ Tumambing, Renae Willis, Linda McMullen, Darryl Harrison,

Absent: Corinne Hodges, Perrin Alford, Greg Hicks, Tonya Contorno

Others Present: CEO – Kathy Carlisle
Staff/Consultants – Lauren Carlisle, Carrie Brkich, Jennifer Pike, Chris Williams

Chair John Asbell called the meeting to order at 3:14pm.

Toni Striblin made a motion to approve Minutes for the meeting on May 26 th , 2015. Robby
Burch seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.

Financial Report – Robby Burch presented the monthly financial report.

  • We are in good shape financially. The $547,796.94 is the balance at the end of the fiscal
    year however this does not include the $600,000.00 from KIA. The Facility budget is
    based on a facility project. Both contributions from GA Power are included. We have
    spent $1,207,250.51YTD. We are under budget by $327,000.00. From a facility
    standpoint we are under budget with money in the bank.
  • The Operations money is primarily coming from KIA and we are still under budget by
    about $14,561.00. They will be working on cleaning up the Operations Equipment
    budget. Toni Striblin made a motion to approve the financial report, Darryl Harrison
    seconded, the motion passed unanimously.
  • Moving forward we will have an Operations budget only because the facility will be
    behind us.
  • A lot of money was saved due to the efforts of Dr. Chris Williams and THINC.
    Mechantronics Instructor John Stadler.
  • FTE Update: Robby presented the projected budget for the coming year 2015-2016. YTD
    FTE is in good shape and we will use same format going forward. We used some funds to
    purchase the Visio Tech 3D Software. The benefits of this software are: audio visiual
    rover, can be moved to any classroom, hands-on learning, introduces students to
    technology advancement. The goal is to carry as much money over as possible. The
    shortfall on FTE Funds will be made up with the KIA donation. We will still have
    $400,000.00 in reserve. C.J. Tumambing made a motion to approve the 2015-2016
    Budget, Linda McMullen seconded, and the motion passed unanimously

Governance Committee Recommendations- – Linda McMullen reported on the most recent
Governance Committee meeting. The following is a list of the recommendations from the
Governance Committee.

  • Attendance Policy (All board members will be required to attend 75% of regular
    scheduled board meetings.) New board members will receive the policies, by-laws, etc.
  • Increase the size of the board
  • Revise the by-laws to place the TCSS Representative and the College Representatives in
    separate categories.
  • “Removal for cause” will be specified for the director and explained in detail.
  • Adopt a Board Code of Ethics Policy and once approved place on the THINC. website
  • Nominating Committee selected

CEO suggested to include legislative representatives on the board

Chair Report– John Asbell gave an update regarding a recent KIA meeting with Randy Jackson
and Corinne Hodges from KIA. The meeting was focused around expectations and relationships
with our stakeholders. THINC. has worked closely with education partners in the past however
the business partners are wanting to be a part of the THINC. vision. We need to be accountable
to how we spend their donation and work on developing a language and dialogue with our

CEO Report – Dr. Carlisle gave an update on the scorecard. Enrollment has declined due to
several obstacles. The obstacles mentioned by the CEO are listed below.

  • Intro classes are held back at the high schools
  • The solution for next year is that we could have our own pathway (Audio/Video Technology Pathway or Web/Digital Sign which would be a Computer Science Pathway)
  • We have limited access to Academic Classes
  • TCSS will not allow core classes for end of the year testing to be at THINC.
  • We do not have 9 th graders however next year they will be attend.
  • A Science Lab will allow us to have science classes
  • The CEO also handed out a list of dates of upcoming special events for everyone to attend.

The meeting adjourned at 4:53pm and went into executive session.
Next meeting date: Tuesday, July 28, 2014 at 3 p.m. in the Board Room of THINC. College and
Career Academy, One College Circle, LaGrange, GA 30240.

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