WGTC introduces their new President and partnership with THINC.

August 21, 2014

As students return to their classrooms and books, West Georgia Technical College returns with its own new addition.

On Thursday, August 21, WGTC introduced Stephen G. “Steve” Daniels to the campus as its new president. As the former provost of Southern Crescent Technical College, the director of Georgia Quickstart and the KIA project, as well as an extensive 20 years of private industry experience, Daniels is highly qualified for this position.

“As president,” said Daniels, “I want to focus on both external and internal development, both the development of the student body and the development of the faculty and staff. If we are serious about how we run ourselves as a college, if we invest in the professional change of our students, we will witness positive change.”

In addition to their new president, WGTC also introduced its education partner, THINC College & Career Academy. With blueprints of its classrooms spread around the room and members of the THINC board in attendance, THINC showed its support and enthusiasm for this partnership.

“We want to thank everyone who has made this partnership happen.” said Dr. Kathy Carlisle, “Because of your support, THINC students will graduate with not only a diploma but a diploma from a technical college. We give our thanks to you, with a special thanks to WGTC’s new president Steve Daniels and former president Perrin Alford.”

More than ninety people listened to the speeches of Daniels and Carlisle, including students, educators, faculty, professionals, and the mayor.

“I fully support the Warriors,” said Daniels. “who lead this college, and I am very excited to join the team.”