KIA donates $600,000 to THINC

July 30, 2014

On July 21, more than two dozen people gathered in KIA’s meeting room to witness KIA’s 2nd donation to THINC College and Career Academy. Having just announced its new location at West Georgia Tech, and having just hired its first principal, Dr. Williams, the check reception at KIA was THINC’s third grand stride of the summer. And as the academy hastens toward its opening day, its vision becomes even more tangible.

“It’s the vision we had since the beginning,” says Chairman Richard Wolfe, “to help students succeed. When I think of the college & career academy, I think of the kids we will help. I think of the 8th grade kid who’s on a track to drop out. I think of his family, his future family, his future life. And then I remember THINC: we can help this kid and any other kid fight the unseen forces affecting their lives. THINC can help this student succeed.”

THINC’s success starts with the team, including Jackson, Wolfe, Williams, and Carlisle. These four are parts of a multi-figure committee and board, all important, all contributing to the weight of THINC’s impact.

“Nothing happens without collaboration,” says Wolfe. “THINC happened because Troup County businesses and thought leaders joined forces, worked together, and maintained the vision throughout.”

Of the 37 career academies in Georgia, THINC is the first with business “on the front end.” “Each THINC student will have a business leader working directly with him or her,” says Kathy Carlisle. “We want the student-business leader connection to be close and personal.”

This close contact demonstrates THINC’s mission: to build strong bonds between community, workplace and classroom.

“One day, we will look behind us,” says Randy Jackson, Vice President of human resources and administration at KIA. “We will remember this day and the many days that came after. And we will say, ‘We did it. We helped those kids succeed.’”