“This is where I’m supposed to be” – Dr. Kathy Carlisle, newly hired Chief Executive Officer

April 29, 2014

After a comprehensive hiring process, Dr. Kathy Carlisle has been selected to be the first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of THINC College & Career Academy. From early on, Dr. Carlisle demonstrated a notable combination of business leadership, education and compassion, all necessary to set the high standard of THINC CEO.

Troup County’s first and only College and Career Academy, THINC helps shape students into highly desirable employees and college applicants. THINC students are equipped with technical and career-specific skills and understand the soft skills of business – a firm handshake, a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills.

Dr. Carlisle holds a Bachelor of Science from Troy State University, Master’s in Public Administration from Columbus State University and Doctorate in Adult Education from Auburn University. With her leadership, THINC will continue to seek business support, to drive innovation and to propel the Troup County economic engine.

“My passion is not so much about success, but about the lives we are changing,” says Carlisle. “What’s really critical are relationships and connecting the dots. With higher education, you have to connect with high schools, which is what THINC is doing. Students want to be invested in; they want to make a difference. Businesses and our community want that, too. So part of my plan is to strategically develop relationships with students and employers.”

Dr. Carlisle joins THINC with a rich background of experience. As the former director of Goodwill’s regional Career and Training Centers in thirteen locations, and as the previous Dean of Enrollment Services and Marketing at Columbus State University, Carlisle combines innovative leadership and strategic planning to create stronger ties between students and employers.

“THINC Academy is excited to have Kathy on board,” says John Asbell, THINC governing board chair. “With her leadership, innovation and positive change are sure to follow.”