Troup County College and Career Academy Unveils New Name and Logo

December 17, 2013


After an extensive brand process, the Troup County College and Career Academy has formally adopted a new name and identity. The charter-based career academy will be called THINC College & Career Academy.

Coined and created by Kelsey, a brand development agency in LaGrange, Georgia, THINC is the product of a comprehensive brand development project spanning several months. Many brand sessions and focus groups were facilitated over the course of the project, seeking feedback from students, parents, community and business leaders.

“This brand was born from a spirit of ingenuity and collaboration,” said Andy Fritchley, Brand Strategist with Kelsey. “We asked for transparent feedback and that’s what we got. It truly was a community effort.”

With the letters INC prominent in the brand, THINC emphasizes the business-like approach of the academy. Blending a strong font style with a spark of brilliance, the logo is stylish and identifies the career academy as a school of authentic business curriculum.

“We absolutely love our new name and logo,” said John Asbell, THINC Governing Board Chair. “What an excellent summation of the career academy – an emphasis on business, with a hefty dose of innovation.”

“This is a brand that screams distinction. There’s nothing like this in the state of Georgia,” continued Fritchley. “Troup County has a brand that’s completely original.”

THINC College & Career Academy will open its doors to students in August 2014.


The concept for THINC College & Career Academy was born out of the Workforce Development Committee of the Troup County Center for Strategic Planning. Shaping work-savvy students for a demanding workplace, THINC takes a down-to-business approach to education. The charter and expert-based THINC provides an environment rich with hands-on discovery as students find themselves immersed in authentic workplace curriculum.