A Different Approach to Academics & Learning

The THINC academic model is flexible, technology-rich and responsive to students and teachers needs. Authentic workplace curriculum extends learning beyond the traditional classroom. Personalized instruction is incorporated through internships with dual / college credit opportunities available. THINC College & Career Academy graduates are college and career ready, experienced and work-savvy.

Although THINC is geared for high school students, it is not a fourth high school. Career and college-minded students from around the county assemble to take classes and courses only available at THINC.

Thirteen Soft Skills

Students will be evaluated on thirteen soft skills (30% of grade) as well as their understanding of academic course content (70% of grade). Students cannot be fully prepared to enter a college or workforce without these skills:


Reports to school / work, arrives and leaves on time and notifies supervisor in advance of planned absences.


Respects the rights of others, respects confidentiality, is a team worker, is cooperative, is assertive, displays a customer service attitude, seeks opportunities for continuous learning and demonstrates mannerly behavior.


Problem Solving

Thinks through a problem and resolves it.


Displays the energy or aptitude to initiate action; is self-reliant and enterprising.


Follows safety practices, conserves materials, keeps work area neat and clean, follows directions and procedures and completes tasks.


Displays appropriate nonverbal (eye contact, body language) and oral (listening, telephone etiquette, grammar) skills.


Displays leadership skills, appropriately handles criticism, conflicts and complaints. Demonstrates problemsolving capability, maintains appropriate relationships with supervisors and peers and follows the chain of command.



Deals appropriately with cultural / racial diversity; does not engage in harassment of any kind.


Displays appropriate dress, grooming, hygiene and etiquette.


Demonstrates a positive attitude, appears self-confident and has realistic expectations of self.

Sense of Urgency

Works as quickly and efficiently as possible to achieve the goal.


Adjusts easily and appropriately to people and to shifting work demands.

Attention to Details

Understands and remembers the sequential steps of a prescribed process as well as the overall objective.

Prohibition on Discrimination: The Charter School shall not discriminate against students on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, marital status, academic ability, the need for special educational services, or any other characteristic protected by local, state, and federal law.